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Samir Shah

I found this on youtube. This is not my engine or video, but this is the same thing as what is happening on my engine. Starter spins, might throw a pop, might push the piston bit, but wont generate enough power to crank over the engine before the bendix retracts. Even with direct 12V to the starter.

On my other one, direct 12V to starter will make it keep turning over the piston and keep cranking.


Tried multiple starters.

So got to be the bendix.

So either something is the wrong size somewhere, its not aligned properly, or there is friction preventing the bendix from spinning up enough, and it retracts prematurely.

The bendix seems simple enough comceptually, so I’m loathe to just replace it. How can I take it apart? Maybe the spring is not the right one, too weak or too strong?

Anyone with a spare?

Thanks, Samir.