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45 is lean for the pilot?. Most have been 42’s and 45’s I’ve came across for 125’s running Keihins (38 & 39mm)

The richest I’ve seen the main was 185, most were 170 – 180.

It’s apperant I’m confused… haha!

The 60 in it now I know is too rich. Even with the 50 it had in it before seemed a little rich as well.

It doesn’t like to idle and the idle screw seems to do nothing.

It bogs out of a corner for sure. Falls flat on its face… However, up top in the band it rips like I said.

I sent JD jetting an email as well, and I also know every kart/Bike setup is different.

Just trying to get it running right.

It’s been one thing after another and this is the LAST step. Everything else is paractically brand new…

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