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Ray Weisberg


Just read the article (behind as usual) GREAT!

Started Karting late 70’s.

Just to be able to run with the likes of Dismore, Pruitt, Haddock, Gifford, Nelson, Nields, Burris, Hyman, Pittenger, Harper, Manning, Hunter, Henline, Hartman, O’hara,  just to name a few (sorry everybody I left out) was a honor in itself.

Just winning a race in those days was something special, let alone a National.

The best I ever did was a 5th  in a field of 55 at the ’79 Road Race Grand Nationals @ OMS.

A trophy that will collect dust forever.

I was told recently there were 140 National Champions a couple of years ago.


Needless to say, as you pointed out, Karting has become so diluted and fragmented, there really doesn’t seem to be a true path to a true national champ.

I’m not taking anything away from those who have achieved that, I’m just saying………………….

One National organization is what’s needed, as in AMA, FIM, SCCA, etc.

I’ve been away from it for awhile, but now back with my son racing S3.

We are back for the FUN! When it stops being that, we’re gone!

Thank you for the space and opportunity to write this.