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James Frantz


Now i remember talking to you. That seems like it was a long time ago. I don’t remember talking about any issues with mounting the LO 206 on your chassis.

I was at a race in Phoenix (4 cycle showdown) last fall and i believe the guy that won the WF race was on a Kosmic chassis. I don’t know which one but my guess it wasn’t made specifically for a WF

It sounds to me like the whole issue is that the seat strut is in the way. That’s not unusual. I’ve seen it may times. If you don’t want to remove it then i guess you are out of luck but please don’t discourage others from getting into the LO 206 because you don’t want to take anyones advise.

How about this? Cut the seat strut off about an inch up from the chassis.  If you ever want to put it back the way it was you can simply machine a piece or smaller tubing to fit inside the stub on the frame and the other end into the strut you cut off. A little weld and your back in business with a 2 stroke if you so desire.

Chassis are just a piece of steel for crying out loud. It’s not like you are cutting off your right arm.

It’s 10 years old so i don’t think you are going to loose any money on it. On the contrary with the 206 on it it will be an easy sell.