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Rob Kozakowski

Andy, put things back into perspective, and enjoy the LO206… I swear, they’re a lot of fun as soon as you get it on the track.

1)  You’ve already said you’re on a budget.  So, I’m assuming the reason you have an ’08 Kosmic is because it was cheaper.  Why was it cheaper?  Because It has no real value as a TAG kart anymore because it’s too old for the TAG guys. So what value are you really hurting by modifying it for 4-cycle racing?  I’d agree with Steve… it might actually have more value now… it’s only real value today is as a 4-cycle or starter kart anyways.

2) Listen to Gary.  He’s got more knowledge and experience than just about anyone here.  Don’t worry too much about the offset.  Briggs has to warn us about the potential problems – cover your ass.  The good news is that the engine is detuned to only turn 6100 rpm… the reality is you won’t hurt it. Or take up Jim’s offer on the mount.

3) You’re doing this for fun.  If the seat placement is off a little, don’t sweat it.  If a 4-cycle chassis is a bit faster, don’t sweat it.  Just have fun.

I’ve seen LO206’s on a huge variety of karts… with and without mods.  The newer OTK Racers will definitely work, and can be fast, without any mods.