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andy graham

actually Jimbo, we did talk at length when I was considering getting into this ;-)…as for the mount, again, according to the article on this website about the 16 things LO206 owners need to know, it clearly says more than 3/4″ offset motor is no good…how do you just blow off the manufacturer’s warnings?

As for the chassis, you’re right, we’re not “striving for the best of the best.”  If we were, I wouldn’t be posting this, I wouldve just bought a chassis built for this type of power plant, but I dont have that kind of expendable budget and have other family needs that are higher on the priority list than a 4 stroke specific chassis.   We’re just chasing some good memories not championships and trophies, and trying to use what we have…..I thought that’s what this program was all about — getting those old karts out of mothballs and back to the track, not being, “the best of the best.”….guess I was wrong….