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Mark Traylor

I placed my order on day 2 that they order form was available.  The problem is that the whole program was rolled out incomplete and in a very inefficient way.  There is a world wide distribution network for one.  Use it.  the upgrades should not have even been offered until there was a reasonable supply available.  When the order forms were made available there were only 10 upgrade kits available.  Sorry but that is ridiculous.   At least on the micro max side the deal was rolled out prematurely, there was no testing done and now it is being done on the fly.  People are running races and there are some competitors with new engines and those without, maybe not a big deal in senior but in micromax it renders the prevo uncometitive and now there are new throttle stops being passed out the first day of a national racing series.

lessons to be learned:

1)  Get the technical work done in advance so you are not bandaiding along  the way.

2)  Get parts in stock in sufficient quantity before releasing order forms

3)  Use the vast dealer network to your advantage as to avoid overloading a small office staff that is not geared up to handle a direct to end user distribution nightmare.