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Erich Moorman

Thanks guys. Hadnt revisited since I posted. The whole crank assembly is solid, the portion that bent resides from the clutch gear outwards towards the starter nut. I tried explaining how i best think it happened as the chain dropped, it makes sense to me since I cant think of any other way around it.


I ordered a used crank (both sides,piston, etc) from ebay for cheap so that way if I had managed to open it up and see more broken bits I could reuse these old bits, if those parts are junk, well I just purchased some expensive paper weights. If i take it to the guys up north “Franklin Motorsports” in New Berlin, WI and they will cost me hundreds I may as well buy a used inexpensive replacement. I would like to do all the work myself to cut costs. I have access to lathes, presses, the works, but am willing to send it to those guys but I dont wanna put too much $$$ into the kart. I realize the tolerances are TIGHT which is my only concern.

I know ill add a 3rd bearing support from here on out.