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Samir Shah

No, I had it misaligned (I sighted by eye and spun it – a no-no for a newbie) and also did not have the right lube. I was used to 4 cycle guys using Triflow, and that’s what I used.

Had the alignment been OK, it would have probably survived. But, the clutch gear got chewed up and stripped due to the alignment (and presumably the chain was toast at that point too). Then I put in a new 10T gear, made sure it was aligned, but used the same chain, since it was ‘new’ and only had 1 session on it, and the 2nd 10T also got stripped, this time presumably by the stretched chain.

Then someone experienced (thanks John Ferris) took a look, identified the dryness of the chain, and educated me on what was happening. New chain, new gear, new sprocket, new can of proper lube, and not only did the kart run well the rest of the day (4 more sessions), but my son also won the feature race in his first race in a Leopard (yeah, yeah, I’m a proud dad and can’t believe it or get over it).

I understand the problem now. My learning curve in the past 2 weeks has been steep! And I’m glad there are such nice helpful people at the track, else it could easily have been very frustrating.