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David Klaus

For those who don’t know 4cycle.com isn’t an ‘open’ discussion.  For years posts have been removed that go against the ideology of the clone and a handful of those involved who put their interest ($$, ego, and need to control) over the sport.

I’m excited to have a place where we can have a discussion without attack, negativity, or watching positive posts removed because they don’t help others sell the next greatest greatest head casting or carburetor blessed with holy water from the Ozarks.

At the end of the day products have to speak on their own.  While you can use rhetoric and filter posts, ultimately the truth surfaces and true colors are revealed.

We ALL share a passion for the greatest rush in the world, karting.  While the engine that turns our wheels might be different, why we kart is the same.  That is something many seem to forget.  There can be more than one greatest thing since sliced bread and I can respect the passion behind the viewpoint. I love our products and know the effort behind each and every one we build.

Thanks to everyone for the support.  It’s motivating and it allows us to put together promotions such as our Briggs Weekly Racing Series.  The ultimate end goal being to reach as many tracks and programs as we can with support and have a h#ll of a lot of fun along the way.

My friends, my greatest memories, and even who I am as a person came from racing so I don’t miss a day without being thankful and wanting to pass that on.

David Klaus

Director-Briggs Racing

PS – Dave and Rob, Thanks for all you do for the sport.