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Rob Lewis

Great to see another karting show on national TV and one that’s geared more towards the sport than the drama.  (Although both have their place and two shows is better than none….)

All of us have changes that we’d like to see, but we need to keep in mind that it’s more entertainment oriented than promotional for karting.  On one hand it’s cool to focus on the pro guys (Marco, Will, etc) because those are names the general public know, but it does kinda take away from the others.  But hopefully those hooks will pull in Joe Public.

Thought the speedo while showing the lap was cool.  The kart graphic didn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen (but kinda like a mini Indy car?).

Overall, I’m never going to complain about karting getting in front of the general public.  Hopefully, there’s enough time to let it mature and grab an audience and they learn from each race on what to cover.

Plus, it was cool to see my own kid (although it was a 2 second passing shot) on national TV……