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Clark Gaynor Sr.

I’ve been a 2 cycle guy since 1963, but last year my grandson started sprint racing at our local sprint tracks.  Of course all of those run predominantly 4 cycle classes.  So we got a Pro Gas Sportsman from Steve and while we were at it bought a 206 for my son to play with when we weren’t road racing Leopards with the WKA/WKC.   I initially went on Bob’s to learn Animal stuff, which I certainly did, but also picked up so oddball undertones which I couldn’t quite understand.  There was definitely so anti Briggs sentiment which I found very confusing??!!

Anyway, my point is, I would certainly appreciate it if you guys would start posting here on ekarting.  That included you Brian, Jim, Steve and all others who try to keep us well informed.  It is truly appreciated!!

Clark Sr.

WKC VP and board member, WKA NRRC member.