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ardy Sadeghi

Robert, nice going to help keep the passion alive as well as others, specially Mr. Cole, send my best to him.  Will miss not seeing you guys as much, but would hopefully stop up at one of the event.


All the effort you and others , the participants go thru to make these test days, it sounds like this could be a good “potential”  for some club to get involved with you guys and promote a spring and a fall test/swap session.   We don’t have as many events with friday practice anymore and as you have often said, you can accomplish a lot more on a test day than you could ever do on a race weekend.    If a club got involved, they can also use the test day to promote the sport and hopefully use it to get new people and give ’em a chance to try road racing.   And the option for a swap meet would be yet another venue for more participation.  This is too good to pass.  Mid west/mid states have been good for road racing.  Hope that success continues.