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George Sunderland

In the past 42 years I’ve raced karts on dirt, in streets, on ice, indoors, on ovals, road courses, 4 stroke, 2 stroke, enduro, sprint and Superkart. Here’s my take on what form is most “dangerous”. By far, I’ve seen the most frequent accidents and broken bones on dirt ovals followed closely by sprint short road courses and street races. Accidents are much more rare in enduro racing (what folks now call “road racing”). However, although accidents on long road courses are much rarer than other forms of karting, the consequences are much more severe when they do occur. In my time, I’ve known 5 people who were killed in kart racing accidents. All were killed racing the big tracks. I know countless guys who were broken up and some permanently crippled from crashes and flips on the small sprint tracks. That said, I do believe standard braking systems are fine with all 4 cycles and the slower 2 cycle classes. And I think there’s little doubt about the fact that the veasier you make it for people to run the equipment they have without buying new stuff, the more liekly they will join us. The most important thing we can do for safety is to make the knuckleheads take a timeout when they act up and remind everyone its all just for a trophy. I am far more afraid of an idiot with 4 wheel brakes than a level headed guy with standard brakes. Everyone must remember, nobody outside our small gorup will ever know or care who won. As long as we keep our heads road racing can be reasonably safe.