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Mark Horne

Yes, a big thanks to all. It was a long drive home but worth every minute.

We were able to dial in the new chassis with the pre-planned program. Just a few more small tweaks and we are ready to campaign the car. It is pretty strange how after about two years of working on this when we finally got it to work it took about 24 hours for it to sink in. At some point today a big smile came across my face and a huge sense of relief. Kevin said he could not sleep last night thinking about the results. It was a long road trying to test on race weekends. A fall test at Hastings and this weekend at Grattan just proves there is no substitution for a real test day. We learn more on those two days than we did in a year and a half trying it on race weekends.

So to all who were not there, it will be some of the best money you can spend to up your game. Just come prepared to test, not practice.