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Clark Gaynor Sr.

Everyone posting here has some very good observations and feelings.  I’m also a Leopard road racer as is my son, and we both run 4 wheel brakes.  I personally wouldn’t be without them, but that is NOT for safety reasons, it’s for performance reasons!  You can obviously go into a turn much farther and slow the thing down straighter then with rear brakes only.  IMHO.

I completely trust my brakes and would have no issues at all with a single rear brake.  If you are uncomfortable with a single system, then by all means run the second system.  NO ONE is telling you that you can ONLY  run a single brake in any class!!!!  That is NOT what the new rules say.  And it only effects 5 classes.  ALL of the current “Sprint Enduro” and laydown classes are completely unaffected by this change.

It’s also obvious why these classes were changed.  They are the true WKA ManCup and GoldCup classes which can cross over to road racing the easiest.  Change the gear and go!   The only exception to that is the Limited Modified class, which simply allows the Gold Cup Pro Gas karts another class to run each day.  That’s it.  No hidden agendas,  no politics!

These changes were authored, discussed, and approved by ALL seven members of WKA’s NRRC before the trustees ever saw them.  Those members included reps from SKC, DKC and the WKC.  Four cycle reps (one of which authored the Pro Gas and LM rule), Tag rep (who authored the Tag and Leopard rules), a shifter/Unlimited rep, and three members from the laydown world.  Very group and engine type are represented in this committee.  And the rules were approved by the trustees with a vote of 8 to 2 as I recall.  And as a note of interest, the trustees requested we change the brake requirements for single brake systems.  This was to eliminate the possibility of someone running some little tinny brake setup in road racing.  This is something we never thought of.

I know this seems like a bit of a rant, so please don’t take it the wrong way.  You folks on this forum have been very professional with your input and thoughts.  It is truly appreciated.

Please keep your inputs coming.  They are important to us.

And here’s one.  Totally off subject.  In GoldCup and Mancup there are many junior (12-15 YO) and sportsman (8-12 YO) classes.  Any thoughts on road race classes for the same age groups?  Pro Gas Sportsman/Jr, Yamaha Sportsman/Jr, Jr Tag?  Sprint chassis’ only?  Thoughts?

Have a good day folks,

Clark Gaynor Sr.

WKA NRRC member, WKC VP and Board member.