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Rodney Ebersole

Bob’s forum still has the animal, LO206 and Flathead sections to post all a person would want about racing Briggs motors. I do also feel the vibe Bob and some of the clone followers have against the Briggs name that has formed over the last few years. This sites posters haven’t always been the most welcome towards briggs and clone racers in the past either, yet over time that has changed some. It’s not that hard to keep up to date with kart racers questions that are posted on booth sites and in my opinion it would only hurt kart racers that need help if I would choose to only participate on this site only. If I was paying these sites to sell my products I would most likely have a different stance on my participation with in the forums.
Things do change over time yet I still hope that karters will continue to have more than just one popular place to go to in order to share their racing experiences.