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Bob Vehring

I agree with Greg, very good David
I think sometimes people do not get the point behind some of my posts, currently those about WKA. I think now more then ever we need one strong group driving our sport. I think most of the newer groups are too narrowly focussed, but I don’t see WKA now as having the leadership it did years ago. So where is this going to be in a year? I can tell from what happened to some of the once great tracks around here and are now gone or close to it. Once the numbers drop to a certain point, it becomes very hard to save. I don’t want to see that happen.

I guess my point here to what David is asking is I know during the RA years and also for club champions, Badger trophy biles were tens of thousands of dollars. With so many different classes, it takes entries to get those really great trophies.
David, is there a way to post pictures on here?