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Bruce Peck

Ace:  I might be able to help some.  Maybe, maybe not.  From the pics you have posted this sure looks like the Slingshot kart as others have said.  I have a Slingshot although it is a later model (one of the last made by the builder) and has some things different than on yours.  Example, the master cylinders are not mounted in the center on mine.  But other things look distinctively like how the Slingshot was built including how the brake rotors (6″ correct?) are integrated into blue anodized hubs.

If this is a Slingshot, it was made by Jerry Clayton in the Chicago area and sold through CKT which used to be known as Chicago Karting Technology (this is Jim Perry’s shop –  http://cktracing.com/ )   I bought mine directly from Jerry long after he quit making them.  It was one he built for one of his sons who quit racing before the kart was finished.

If you go to this site, you can see a number of photos of mine from when I built up the chassis for a TaG-Enduro kart in 2008.
I haven’t touched the website in years so it is a bit messed up, but most of the photos are still accessible.  I modified a number of things like adding larger front brakes, but some of the components will likely look familiar.   If you think it would help I can do some measuring on mine, but I will be gone this weekend so couldn’t do this until sometime next week.