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Sean Swisz

I checked under Tech Updates, but it just referred to pg.43 of the tech manual. I’ve been confused by the meaning of “dual braking system”. David, I was actually talking with your father about this at Grattan at last years closed test event. I’m running a Leopard with a stock Tony rear brake system, but it has 2 master cylinders, one for each side of the caliper/piston/pad. Wouldn’t that be dual braking system for redundancy? I’ve read a lot of the safety stories, the racing advantages/disadvantages, etc. I would love to throw a set of fronts on knowing I have that extra stopping power, but $1000+ is ridiculous for just front brakes concerting that amount of money is almost half of the cash for 2 year old roller!(so if anyone has a set they are selling let me know) I just wanted to chime in get a YES/NO answer on what the current setup I have qualifies as.

Tony Kart / Leopard