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Bruce Woodrow


I agree with Mark – everything indicates that much smaller jets are required with the XS carb., compared to QS/QD. Also, you should limit the throttle travel, as beyond a certain opening no more air can get into the engine because of the exhaust restrictor – opening the throttle further just messes up the mixture preparation as the air velocity past the slide reduces.

Some MicroMax Evo Q&A from Australia:

2.1) 125 Micro MAX

Q: Which upgrades for existing engines are mandatory or recommended?

A: Mandatory upgrades are:

– 18 mm exhaust socket with gasket ring

– Perforated tube silencer with 22 mm elbow

– Squish gap

A: Recommended upgrades are:

– XS carburettor

Q: Is it necessary to install the new Dellorto Ignition System to my existing engine?

A: No, it is not necessary as the Dellorto Ignition System will provide the same engine performance as the

existing Denso Ignition System.

Q: What is the benefit of the new Dellorto Ignition System?

A: More equal engine performance, improved throttle response, easier to use, less manipulation possibilities.

Q: Is there a stop sleeve in the new XS carburettor to limit the opening of the carburettor slide?

A: No, but it is recommended to set the accelerator pedal stop to a 60-80% opening of the carburettor slide

(depending on driver’s pedal length preference).

Q: Will a different maximum opening of the carburettor slide have an impact on the maximum

performance of the engine?

A: No, but the improved ease of applying the throttle might improve lap times.

Q: Will the new 125 Micro MAX specification result in faster lap times?

A: Yes, but just slightly.