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Made a makeshift  gravity feed system out of the top of a 2 liter and drilled a hole in the cap a tad smaller than the line and wedged it in.

Added some fuel and the carb took in quite a bit.  (assuming it was filling the bowl)

Started it up as usual and noticed I actually had to burp the throttle periodically to keep it running, but I didn’t get to it quick enough due to having to add more fuel and it died.

Haven’t been able to get it to start since… I’m taking a break. Haha!

On a lighter note I did not see any indication of increased idle for the short time I did get to run it; so hopefully that’s a real good sign!

I did not have enough fuel line to on hand to run to a container from the pump however.

I capped the vacuum line that went tot the pump as well during this test and the carb was being fed a solid stream of fuel.

Ill try again here in a few with my brother in law and see how long I can run it having him on refuel duty… That is if I can get it to start again. I’m running out to grab a box of spark plugs.