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Clint Williams

Gary and TJ, thanks for all your help thus far in helping me out. Last weekend I was able to put in a 40 mm axle and my buddy had some offset pills that come in .5mm, 1.1mm, and 1.6mm steps. I put the .5mm pill in to start with.


The tires all around cleaned up but now it is on the other end of the spectrum and is bogging down at corner exit and the engine started to get hot from binding.

I set the rear track width to 53″, fronts have one small spacer inside, one seat strut from left side of seat to axle carrier, .5mm pill and the plastic bumper was tight from trying to stiffen up the rear with the 30mm axle.

I asked a regular podium finisher in my class if he could take some laps and he confirmed my initial feelings of the kart and turned about the same lap times I did (which are .7-1″ off target lap times at this track.) He suggested loosening the rear bumper and possibly removing the seat strut to help free up the rear.

I was also thinking of narrowing rear track width a tad to help lift IR and moving some spacers in on the front and trying the 1.1mm pill. And maybe trying some shorter hubs. I am not sure where you take measurements from to determine hub length but they are definitely longer than the hubs than were on the 30mm axle.


Am I heading in the right direction with freeing up a rear a tad? I am still a little confused with the effect and relationship of front track width. Do you typically increase caster when widening the fronts or only one or the other?