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Kelly Read


1) Can we get in after 10:00pm Thur ??  NO. We will not have anyone to be able to sell passes after 10pm. SORRY!!!! gates will open at 7:00am each day.

2) Concessions available  ?? Yes. They will be serving lunch all 3 days along with having a breakfast menu Sat/Sun.

In case you don’t know, Saturday after the races (Approximately 5:30), MARRS is hosting the awards ceremony for the Friday/Sat. classes and there will be plenty of good old BBQ and beverages (both non alcoholic and alcohol). We want EVERYONE to attend this as it’s not just for those who are receiving awards. Come have a good time!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, Lindsay (my daughter) who works in the HR department that owns the Carlos O Kelly’s in Topeka has set it up for us to come enjoy some good old Mexican food on Friday nite if you are interested. There is no special pricing that I am aware of but, she was able to get them to sponsor one of our classes  and several racers plan to go there around 7:00pm to show there support.  Everyone is invited. It’s easy to get to and Lindsay will be available to give anyone directions.