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Robert Lawson

I guess making a commitment scared a few guys away.

Understandable I suppose if you take into consideration the way a standard race or event is handled. It’s been quite some time since we were able to even change classes in the same day at an event let alone be allowed to transfer an entry to the next day because of rain.

This isn’t an “event” though. As I stated before if it is raining in the early AM or forecast to rain all day we can call it off and try again the next day. IF it were forecast to rain all weekend we would be allowed to reschedule for the last available weekend offered which is the 25th-26th. You will NEVER see that at a race event.

So, its not exactly a “guarantee” so to speak but it is the next best option. If you paid in advance and didn’t show up for the scheduled date and it was rescheduled I’d still hold your spot on that day as a paid participant. You may not get on my Christmas card list but you would still be welcome. On the other hand, if you paid in advance and did not show up and we ran the day anyway you are out of luck!

Looking at the long range forecast I don’t see anything in the way of us getting this done on the scheduled day. We should still be seeing temps in the 60’s. To have this course exclusively to yourself with 14 others is a unique opportunity and will probably never happen again.

I do not generally do this but I will accept same-day at the gate entries. They will be at an elevated rate of $200 per driver and will be on a cash basis only.

If anything changes you will be updated here.