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andy graham

classic example of too many chiefs and not enough Indians…the whole shake up with IAME didnt help either, which caught long time IAME distributor and dealer TS Racing in FL off guard and scrambling…seems like there’s a united front now to shut out IAME and stock moto from FL, hence MaxSpeed buying FWT and killing both those birds with the same stone, and then turning around and buying Rok Cup USA to fill the now extinct Formula weekends of the FWT, the weekends that Leopards, X30s and stock motos ran….still seems strange to me that MaxSpeed would buy a series that would promote a competitor’s engine package……all just food for thought…who knows what’s really going on…I’ve heard so many “in the know” rumors lately I dont know what to believe and at this point I really dont care anymore….we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out…my opinion — focus on increasing the #s at the local level first, then move on the regional development.