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I understand from a business point of view that it is in their interest to “FOCUS” on the media and promoting the sport to encourage people to join our awesome sport, and I also understand about the clicks that are out there “FOCUSSED” on big money people only.

And I also understand how important it is to run a business, as I own 3 businesses

But it is extremely important to continue making sure your consumer/client to stay extremely happy and satisfied with you and your product, and your service.

Let’s say I introduce someone new to the sport, after months, days, hours, including trips to the track to use my own karts ( I have several ) All that investment, talking about how awesome racing is, and has been for so many years

Finally they are completely sold on the sport, then you introduce them to this awesome forum that I’ve known for so many years, for any questions they may have, right after I ran out of answers

So they become members of this forum, type in the 1st question in this super active forum

I can tell you that I can put up with a lot, but the new comer may get very discouraged after his questions get ignored for weeks, or months, he may find himself lost and confused with his new investment, and suddenly he goes WAIT A MINUTE, FREDDY! THIS IS NOT THE RACING FAMILY YOU TOLD ME SO MUCH ABOUT IT, What happened to all the fellow racers that would take their shirts off their backs for you, and to welcome you to the sport?

I thought you say “THE MORE THE MARRIER”


My point is:

I don’t care how you slice it! There has been a neglection here, and we all know it

Mr Dave Cole, You corrected me about posting my question about shifter kart gear ratio for Button willow and Willow Springs (Big tracks)

Saying that I should have placed them at Road Racing

I’m not an idiot, anybody in their right mind would know about any issues related with shifter karts, especially for a gear ratio at a certain track, for your info I actually placed them in shifter karts, and TECH TALK, I figured with 2 different sections I couldn’t go wrong

Please don’t treat me like I’m stupid, I have treated you with respect

You know that there is an issue here, and we are trying to help

How du you suggest we maintain the sport and the new racers?

Do you have any ideas, besides the media, and being focused on the important races?

Oh, And the typical “Welcome to the sport” greetings



Please understand That I was offended with your comments back to my post, I did not appreciate it at all.

It is extremely clear to know that people are reading and not posting, as you mentioned, and if people are reading, including myself. I know for sure that we are reading more than 1 section, Correct? So please DO NOT Make me feel like I posted in the wrong section, knowing that shifter kart racers are familiar with tuning at different tracks, including road race tracks. How can you go wrong with that? There is a big possibility that someone who does sprint track has also made a trip to Laguna Seca, Infinion, Sonoma, Willow Springs, Button Willow, etc.

I’m sure someone may know, or remember a good starting point for set up

And if fact, there was a nice guy here who finally was sympathetic enough and kind to give me some advise for one of the tracks I was asking for, and that was nice of him. (and he did not find me at the “ROAD RACE SECTION”

I hope we’re clear with this one.

And I simply wanted to overcome this issue we have as a family, and I thing both of us understand that if this industry is hurting it affects us both of us, and the rest of our guys here.




These are my 2 cents

I hope we have a smooth sailing now.