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Evan Fraser

I have to agree that the crash in activity coincided with the change to the new forums.  The old forums were old and change happens, that’s the way of the world, but in my opinion that’s what killed off the regular activity.  Before the change I could spend hours reading the different topics (admittedly I was newer and had so much more to learn).  Now a “recent” post is one that’s less than two days old.  I’m not pointing fingers though.  EKN did what it felt was necessary and to this day you still have the EKN 101 article to try to bring existing members in to the new site.

Hey Daryle I’m curious, what kind of series do that?  Being banned for criticism, constructive or otherwise, is just censorship.  Sadly very typical of the world we live in these days.  Maybe if you’re going to mention specific series’ PM me so you don’t get banned :)

Evan Fraser

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