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Kelly Read

Here are a couple of things for food for thought.

1) I personally have purchased some very very nice items from one of our class sponsors to go as a silent auction to be given away Saturday nite at the awards/meal ceremony. I have 2- Hitch receiver locks, 2 – trailer wheel locks, 2 –  trailer locks and 1 – trailer door lock. These will be on display in registration along with bid sheets. If interested, put your name and what you want to bid on each items bid sheet. Top bidders get the item they bid the highest. GREAT NEWS is that, those who bid will receive a ticket for a special drawing!!!  The drawing will be for CASH!!!! Here is the deal, once the amount it cost to purchase these items have been meet, then that amount will be deducted from the total income and the remaining balance will be given to some lucky person who bid on any/all the items. Just for bidding and you are the lucky winner, you are guaranteed a minimum of $25.00 even if I have to pay it!!!!

2) It has been requested to have a “CALCUTTA” race. This is where people buy a particular racer in a particular class and if that racer wins, then the buyer wins the pot including what they bought in for. As of now, the 100cc Controlled I class on Saturday has been suggested. I will talk to people Thursday nite thru Friday morning to see if there is interest.