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Sean Swisz

Thanks Bob, that was an awesome video and great track. I was going to ask you since I notice it in your video also… so this is getting off topic from pipe flex. I ran a different ratio this year and I smoked my newer (sprint) clutch with only a few weekends on it. I know it was my fault at the start for getting overly excited and blipping the throttle, which just overheated the clutch (which probably does nothing besides load it up with fuel even more). Off the start it slipped twice pretty bad and it was the same slip/over rev that I heard in your video. Are you running the road racing clutch? I have mine on order, but I figured the sprint clutch would hold up for the weekend, just as it did all the other years. This track does have 1-2 tight corners vs the very long straight.

Is this slip normal for a taller ratio like you/we run? Have you tried both sprint and RR clutches? I’m trying to figure out if the main cause was just from me heating up the clutch at the start and not having a chance to cool for over 30 minutes, or if it’s due to the clutch slipping/heating up in the tighter corners. The clutch was chunked up and looks overheated.

Tony Kart / Leopard