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Ted Hamilton

I may take some flak for posting this, but it’s my personal observation, so…..

The old forum, while very basic in format, was very discussion based, and as a consequence it was to 2-cycle and sprint kart racing what Bob’s 4-cycle is to dirt oval 4 stroke racing.  There was a diverse and pretty vocal subscriber base, and there were commonly 200+ posts for me to catch up on if I missed a day of browsing.  Due to the sheer numbers and volume of regular posters (vs. lurkers), questions were answered quickly (and usually accurately.)

This new site is not, IMO, a forum-centric site.  It’s much more media and press-release friendly, with the forum retained as a nod to the tradition of the old site, and to provide some means for archiving the old information and generating some more current info.  Whether by design or simply unintended consequence of stylistic choices, the new forum section is harder to post in, harder to find information in, and less comprehensive for the moment, but it does have the added benefit of posting (third-party-hosted) pictures and such.

My observations are not to “bash” the admins — they simply made a choice in the best interests of their business and trying to focus on serving the karting media needs instead of letting us forum posters largely control the site content (by volume.)  I would bet that David or  the other admins would concede losing a large percentage of the posters, but would point out that what’s here addresses many other needs — such as what race results are, what races are coming up, and what’s generally going on in the karting industry.  Those questions were often lacking in answers / content on the old site.

Personally, I preferred the classic site as I’m a old BBS guy.  If you don’t know what a BBS was, you probably like the new site better. :)  All that to say, regardless of all of our format preferences, kudos to the EKN staff for maintaining a place where we can still meet….and here’s hoping we can turn the new site into what the old one offered PLUS the new benefits too.


2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100