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Hi, Cole

Jim and Brian hit it right in the nail

I have been a loyal forum participant/member since the year 2000, and I have noticed how we went from a pretty good economy to a real bad economy, which affected our sport and industry brutally

But I have also been around long enough to enjoy the good times, and funny moments with some of the members here, it has always been an awesome community, where everybody contributed for each other.

Jim mention in one of his concerns the word “activity”

Brian mentioned that some good questions have been answered in the old forum, and that is also accurate. But many new members still don’t know how to get there, or the surge bar can’t find the topic you’re talking about.


I miss some of the old members that we lost through the changes of a new forum, which I’ve gotten used to it btw, I do get around pretty good now.

I think we can agree that we might have lost about 50% of our guys here?

My question is: Have we done anything to reach out to them, and see how they’re doing?

Or What we can do to help them or accommodate their needs to be able to navigate this forum? I know that there has to be some kind of contact information such Email addresses, phone numbers?

There were a whole bunch of guys from shifter karts, and 2 strokes here, constantly chiming in and joking about an event that took place, or a repair/rebuild that went south, and turned into a humoring experience, etc.

I remember Michael Goebbel  posting all kinds of stuff, answering questions, or just about anybody talking about any topics

2 questions were posted by me, in 2 different sections, about what gear ratio would be a good start for a certain track? It’s been almost a month, several viewers but not one single reply. Please! at least someone give me a “BS” story, but please at least talk to me, and let me know I’m not alone, give me some hope! Lol.

I personally like to chime in and be involved with the community, answering any questions that are asked in almost any section of the forums to the best of my knowledge

Some people say thank you and some don’t, and some will take forever to reply, but that’s not my point.

I would like to have more cooperation and activity from all members

You can count on me for that, however I do need help from moderators and members to get the ball rolling and continue to post threads to encourage karters.


Please note that I am not been in any form of negative criticism, but constructive criticism instead.

I do appreciate all your efforts you and many others have made to maintain the forum alive, I probably couldn’t imagine what you go through, but thank you for all that you do.


Sincerely yours Freddy Sandoval (Fast Freddy )