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William Butcher

Thanks for the reply. I hope I can get more experience on Karts so I can race . The 4 strokes seem to be the only type of ‘ arrive and drive Karts’ available at Anderson/Orlando/Ocala are just the 4 stroke ROCK Karts. I would like to give it a go on a 2 stroke Kart to at least get a feel for them. To race, if only as a beginner, would be my eventual goal both in Fl. and NH. I will be in Florida around Nov. 5th and plan to drive every Wednesday morning during the Masters class. But also at the other tracks tiring to improve my skills. I most likely take a instructor’s class. Maybe if you know a date and time you will be at one of these tracks, maybe we can have a chance to met. If so, I will give you my Fl. number.

Thanks again, Bill