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Kelly Read

More questions:

1) How is the grid line-up determined ? By draw. Draw a number per class and line-up is determined from low – high number. Noon each day is the deadline to enter and draw. After noon, you go behind those who drew in the order you entered.

2) Are dual/4 wheel brakes required ? Above 100cc stock (A-limited – up for both sprint and laydown). The break teather is not mandatory at this time.

3) How do  the shifters start ?  Standing Formula 1 style start. We pre-grid them back a ways and start them and they pull down to the flagman. Once last kart stops, the flagman gives them all a signal then raises the flag. 10 secs later he drops the flag and first class leaves when multiple classes are running together. He does the same 10 sec flag for the remaining classes as well.

All other classes do the normal Lemans standing start.

4) Is practice split into groups ? Only if needed. This is determined of the amount of traffic. Has been done both ways. FYI, We will have 2 sessions Sat/Sun for Jrs. (8-11) and the Animals. Normally the first session is 1/2 way through practice and second one is at the end of practice. Friday will be the same but will give the Jrs. & Animals 4 sessions most likely.

5) Transponders available to rent ?  YES. $10.00 for the weekend.

6) Is there pump gas with no ethanol available ? Yes. There is a HY VEE located at 29th & Wannamaker which is on the N.W. side of Topeka where most of the motels and easting establishments are located. I have a co-worker looking for other stations and will post them what he finds out which will probably be Mon or Tues.