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Bob Vehring

Alot of different types of oval or offset chassis, most of this will depend on which you have.

Main difference is drivers weight is offset to the left, which is what you want on an oval. That can be adjusted out if you want to by re mount the seat. Most oval karts have the independent camber/caster style front ends which IMO are far superior to the pill type. The also usually have weight jacker rear cassettes which makes changing cross simple by simply turning one bolt while your sitting on the scales. Euro designs usually involve having to loosen the cassette then trying to move the axle up or down in its mounting brackets, or, changing washers in front.

As for ” will they work” in sprint. I have see some work very well, but one very important thing to remember here, they are made to turn left, or go straight. They are not made to turn right.

My kids have raced alot of sprint tracks over the last 25 years. On a sprint track, you can never be set up perfectly for every turn because there so different. You decide which are the most important, often leading onto, or at the end of a long straight. Then you look to which are least important, often a series or S type turn where you can’t be set up perfectly for both lefts and rights or turns where its very hard for someone to pass you even if your set up gives something up in that situation. Once you sort that out, you know if its predominately a left hand turn track of a right.

We have always had both Sprint karts, and oval karts, there are times where if the most important turns are lefts and the rights are either few, or in a place where you not likely to get passed offset karts can definitely win. I think you don’t hear of it much because few people own both so never try it. In the 4 cy world where we also have oval tracks around us and some people do both, you do see it happen occasionally and on some tracks it works well. If its a right hand based track, don’t even bother.

Think about the logic here, A oval kart is designed totally to be fast in left hand turns, a sprint kart can’t come close to it, so if your track layout supports it, it my work very well, or, not at all