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Robert Lawson

Its that time fellas!

As I mentioned above I secured the date so it’s time to send a check or MO.

Please include a note with driver or drivers name and kart classification. Need the names for the Track and kart formula helps to determine any massive difference is speeds. First and fore mostly we practice the SAFETY of all involved. This is OUR track day together as a group, each persons comfort level must be considered and respected.

The total number of karts will be very limited so finding open space should be easy to find. We are not there to “race” one another, it is a TEST day. Testing is very much like a qualifying session, clear running fast laps. You’ll only be able to accurately compare data from other runs if you can simulate those runs.

There will be plenty of time at the end of the day, when most if not all “testing” is done. Maybe we can talk JW into setting up his famous “handicap” run-off from past test days. Tons of fun packed into just 4-5 laps. The theory is to start karts off at predetermined intervals so each will finish at the same time! JW has been pretty close with this in the past and Mr. Howden was present at one event and did his inspired announcing of it as well. I have that on VHS tape and it was a pretty unique and fun way to end the day. I STILL think I was cheated out of a lap but we won’t get into that!!!! ;)

If nothing else we can do a 2 x 2 rolling start (or 2!!!) with all of us starting together, that is always fun at the big circuits as well.

To some this is a repetitive message but there will be some drivers attending in new-to-them rides and some new to Grattan altogether so for them…..it should be really exciting!

Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get you and address to send your entry.

More soon,