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Maysha Denny

Please note the OFFICIAL rule and updates are posted on the KART website (www.kart.org).  Please refer to the website for OFFICIAL rules and updates.

Reason posting this is that Kelly stated above:

As for the KART PISTON PORT R&D CLASS:  I’m waiting to hear the final verdict (should know within a day or 2) from the directors as they are waiting on ones feedback but if it passes by what the other two said, these will be the rules for this class at HPT.  Comer P51 weight at 410#, HPV 4 or 5 pipe at minimum of 10″ flex length. Yamaha weight at 385#, any 1 3/4″ fixed pipe/ flex length. ALL OTHER piston port motors will run at 400# with any 1 3/4″ fixed pipe/any flex length.


THIS IS INCORRECT!!!!  This is the correct rule update for the Piston Port R&D Class (off the KART website)

<span id=”yui_3_16_0_1_1411065765197_2093″>On 9-16-2014 starting at 9:50 am and ending at 10:50 am a phone conference was held with Administrative Director Jim Edgington Road race Directors David Munden, Austin Henry and Ted Hite. The Piston Port class was the topic of discussion. A vote was taken to allow the K 71 to run a open fixed pipe at the weight of 400 lbs for the remainder of the 2014 season. Austin Henry abstained from the vote due to a conflict of interest. Jim Edgington voted in his place. The vote was two for and one against. Those voting for were Jim Edgington and Ted Hite, David Munden voted against. The vote passed.</span>