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I think you got everyone confused with the direction of your track drawings

One time you posted this:

oh and racing direction is this way


This is to me an indication that the track is ran clock wise  correct?

The other thing was when you asked Walt that if by going to the left side would mean being closer to the pitts? Is to me an indication that you’re running clock wise on the main straigthaway, correct?

You also posted another picture of the drawing with lots of arrows pointing the opposite direction (counter clock wise )

I can see where every body is trying to help you, and indeed they are very accurate, but I don’t know if they’re following your running direction.


Because if you’re going clockwise I would totally wanna go as close to the pit lane, to the left side and then cut it inside of turn 1.


Please correct me if I’m wrong, as I’m going by the arrow you posted, but then I got confused by your drawing with bunch of blue arrows going on the wrong direction from your other post.