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Ted Hamilton

IMO, the formula for growing karting is easy to state:

— Make it as few rules as possible (to allow the easiest chassis prep and wide variety) and

— Make it as cheap as possible while maintaining safe karts and stringent on-track behavior.

Accomplishing that may be harder…


Hard tires are a mixed bag in my book….if you can find a compound that wears slowly but also is fairly resilient to heat-cycling, then you have a winner… But if it doesn’t heat cycle well, then hard tires are actually worse as you have to buy a new set every raceday to be the fastest…

One thing that would be interesting is to revert back to VERY hard and NARROW tires… why not run LO206, Animals, etc. on 4.5″ tires up front and 5″ tires in the rear?  Let people slide around a little and learn to drive with both feet and the wheel…

For safety, mandate nerfs and a full-width rear bumper, and the usual safety wiring, but other than that, why any other rules?  The VKA guys have proven that modern day tuned C-Opens on vintage chassis don’t have fatigue issues, etc., so I’d think any modern (late 80’s – current) chassis should be just fine.  Do a brake test, and let people have at it…

Oh well, I should just let this thread die since it’s now well outside the original question…  Thanks all,