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Jeff Aldrich

Track is and has always been run counter clockwise. It definitely is a difficult one.
I updated the track with the newest line I tried out today. Still wasn’t getting much better then the other line I was running before. Best before was a 32.5. Today’s best was a 32.7. The top ten drivers are running this at 31.4-31.8. I ran a best of a 31.9 before they changed it up and pushed the barrier out more at the place I feel I am losing the most time.
Iam trying hard to follow and understand Walt. Your suggesting running down the stretch closest to the pits on the left side? In order to get that line, I would have to cut the apex and lose all the momentum I would gain coming out of the long swooping corner just prior to that. I honestly can say I have never seen anybody do this at the track. Not insulting you just stating a fact.
Iam hopefully going to be able to run with the top 10 guys sometime in a couple of weeks. This will allow me to see what lines they are running. In the meantime any pointers still kindly appreciated.

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