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Kelly Read


On the KART web (www.kart.org) is the revised event schedule and the revised local option class rules.

Event schedule: Added the Briggs LO206 class and each class sponsor. BE SURE TO THANK THESE SPONSORS as they are a major supporter of this event. Keep in mind, BALDUS RACING sponsors the class champions ball caps and they are REAL NICE!!!!!

Local option rules: Added Briggs LO206 rules. Be sure to read them carefully if you run this class or any of the local option classes.


Per posted on the KART web site 9/10/2014 under news, the JICA SWIFT motor will not be allowed to participate at the 2014 nationals in the piston port class.

As for the KART PISTON PORT R&D CLASS:  I’m waiting to hear the final verdict (should know within a day or 2) from the directors as they are waiting on ones feedback but if it passes by what the other two said, these will be the rules for this class at HPT.  Comer P51 weight at 410#, HPV 4 or 5 pipe at minimum of 10″ flex length. Yamaha weight at 385#, any 1 3/4″ fixed pipe/ flex length. ALL OTHER piston port motors will run at 400# with any 1 3/4″ fixed pipe/any flex length.

NOTE: As questions are asked, I will post them here. As of now, here is what has been asked.

1) When can we get in: Thursday (2nd) starting at 5:00pm. REMINDER, lower level is full and I have a couple spots on top level reserved for sponsors. See me before you unhook.

2) Can we come and go: As long as you have a pit pass.

3) Fuel tech/available at track: K.A.R.T. uses the meter set at -75, cannot go positive AND, other tests deemed necessary!!!! Fuel is available at the track by credit card but they used to have one octane that didn’t pass our tech which I will be testing Thursday for verification.

4) Can we join K.A.R.T. at the track: YES. If you join at HPT, your membership will be good through 2015 including the 2015 nationals.