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Bob Vehring

As I read this, I have to ask Ted, is your goal to get new people racing or grow what you already have?

Its easy to line up 50 tires in your shop and duro them, its a bit different out at the track. Temp is a factor, as is chemicals weather its the guy who wd’s his pipe to much, the guy that has a exhaust that dumps on the rear tire, or the guy that likes to play with all the various preps available. Not insurmountable problems, but possible headaches, especially for the guy teching.

Badger for most of its history had all classes accept Shifter and TaG on hard tires. In our case Bridgestone YDS but Mike or just about anyone has a line of them. About 4 years ago the 2 cy side of our club voted to go to Stickier tires, YHC’s here. That is a big factor in having the 4 cy side grow here. One set of tires will give you 2 seasons of use. Most do lightly prep here, but not on Sun (raceday) and tires are painted in first practice session.


I do all the shows for Badger, and we do alot, for a new guy, or most of them, cost is everything. I have nothing against the Euro style of karting, Badger has very strong 2 cy classes, but its easy 2x or 3x the cost of 4 stroke racing. Lo 206, Animal, cloan all will go a couple years with out a rebuild given good oil, a brand new Coyote chassis is $2495 and the tires last forever. Because we have always had good Animal classes, theres no shortage of used stuff around here. Right now complete Animal packages, $1195 on Badgers Classifieds.

I always get asked how Badger keeps its numbers up while other tracks around here struggle, give them a cheap place to get started. If they want to end up in TaG, they will, but most will not start there.