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Robert Lawson

I’m sure we’ll have more than 15 guys so the deposit will go out on Monday.

The 18th will be secure and if no one rents Sunday that will be our rain date.

As usual, the call to cancel will have to come by 7am Saturday. If it’s rrrning (not a type-O!) already and is forcast to continue then its a no brainer. If not, ya’ll better be there early if you want a vote in how to move forward.

There is no refund but they always give us a chance to make it up if we call it off by the cut off time.

JW has talked me into doing Lunch for ya’ll so that will be included as well. We have volunteers to do pick-up so all the angles are covered.

I’ll be asking you to pre pay shortly, Big Daddy isn’t loaded and can not afford to take it in the rear boys!

At 15 drivers were going to start at $170 each, if we get more I’ll hand you each a few bucks back at the track. No cost to spectate but Lunch is reserved for EMT’s, Corner Personnel, Drivers and Crew. (unless your from DKC and drop in!!!!! ;) )

Got my spare pipe blasted and cut, need to fit it up and mark it so I can weld it together for the test.

Looking forward to seeing ya’ll!