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Rod Hawkins


If you are coming from other sports like I did, the eye candy at shops is very disappointing in karting. The money and population just isn’t there to support it. I also ride dirt bikes, mountain bikes and surf. I love to check out equipment before I purchase. If you are looking for a local kart shop to compare to a motorcycle super store, or bike shop, it just is probably not going to happen.

Stu has a couple new karts and a BUNCH of used (but nice) used karts (used isn’t even a good word. Think of them as certified pre owned. Almost. He usually takes them all apart, powdercoats them, gets all the parts running correctly and sells them. Then he will go to the track with you to help tune it). I live in SoCalif and was surprised at the inability to walk into a shop and get tempted to buy something. I had been to several and stu’s is the best, but it still isn’t like a motorcycle superstore if that is what you are expecting, but you get way more than that in someone who will be straight up with you and talk karting and support his product.