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Rod Hawkins

I have only raced about 6 or 7 races. Half of those races have been cut short by either crashing (hurting myself and/or kart) or mechanicals.

Every time I think I am prepared, something else breaks. Blown engine (only my 3 time out on it), broken header (who could have predicted that?) and broken clutch. That doesn’t could the numerous broken chains or stripped drive gears I have gone thru in practice or a race. Just when I think I have everything in working order something else breaks. Last race it was my clutch and it wasn’t found until I went to start the final race. The worst part is, I had a spare kart and another spare engine I could have run.

For now on, I am going to have both karts go through tech check, and bring both to the grid. If one has an issue right there my back up will be sitting in last place and I will hop on it and go. I can’t afford to keep going out and paying and come away without racing. One of the most frustrating things in the world.

If I were you, I would take 2 karts ready to race and bring all the typical maintance parts (chains, gears, etc). The other kart can work as a back up or a donor.