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John Cleveland

Had heard about the track in Syracuse, glad too see its website ( thanks Scott) and that they are making progress. Sounds like they have some ambitious plans and are making progress. I’m thinking The Glen has the resources and space to be able to handle multiple events. For example if a car club or motorcycle club has the full track rented they could also possibly hold a kart race as well. Obviously not a National event but something more of a club type race were you would see more local racers than at a National type event.  I know the times we raced at Charlotte they had the WKA Road racing series on the Roval while the MFG Cup races were going on at the turn 3/4 sprint course. Gale is right that its an investment any way you look at it but I think the Glen has the connections/resources to make it happen if they could see the interest from the karting world.