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John Cleveland

Will – Count me in – practically grew up at the track as my dad raced in SCCA and IMSA events from the 60’s-90’s. Being only an hour away and having the facilities and history of the Glen available would be great. Even if the area behind the pits was setup to run as a temporary sprint track  it would be great, but if some of track could be incorporated that would be awesome.  Had a friend who corner marshaled during those karting events that used the whole track. He said it was mayhem at one point because they just opened the track and everyone hit the track at once. At one point so many karts where going into the catch fences in the chicane that used to be there in the esses that the corner workers threatened to not go back out after lunch break if they didn’t split up the karts into groups. Amazing to think what used to go on back in the day.