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George Sunderland

People:  I haven’t been a board member for several years, I can’t speak for the board and I do not know the exact status of club finances.  However, it should be obvious to us all that with the dismal turnouts at the last couple of events, we can’t afford to race at Roebling (or many other road racing venues) for much longer.   Do not assume that what we’ve had available to us for most, and for some all, of our lives will remain available.  The weather in Savannah this time of the year cannot  be beat.  No excuses.  Drag your karts out bring a newbie and come to Roebling.  Its a safe track with lots of runoff room, very fast and not the most challenging ever made but certainly challenging enough.  And you couldn’t ask for a nicer more helpful group of folks who will  do what it takes to make sure your high expectations are far surpassed.   Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the crowds from the Glen Moore/Johnny Jacumin days?   This may be one of our last chances to help preserve road racing in the South.  Use it or lose it as we accountants say. Bring it!