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John Lafakis

I forgot to mention that yes, the engine has been built as Stock Honda.  All parts are stock and unmodded.  I was planning to race as such.  The only things missing are the exhaust pipe and silencer.  The radiator and all hoses are there, Mychron 4 2t and sensors are there as well.  Brakes are solid as I rebuilt the master and added all new brake fluid.  I can’t think of anything else it needs to run besides the exhaust, oil and gas.

The kart was sitting in a garage when I picked it up so I cleaned everything I could to make it like new.   The frame has been freshly powder coated.  The only thing I can’t guarantee is how straight the frame is, when I had it coated the shop I took it to just roughly looked it over.  The previous owner told me it was never crashed and after carefully looking over the frame I had no reason to doubt him.  The frame wasn’t flat spotted anywhere or bent or crushed so we assumed it was straight enough as I was only to race it casually.  The powder coating on the frame is almost flawless.