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Bill Anderson

Hey Guys,

Thanks for coming.  Even though our crew had a few “rusty” spots to get over,  I think we all made it through the weekend with only a few glitches.

Thanks for racing safe.  No ambulance calls all weekend.

I think this year’s format that allows for 4 hours of practice on Saturday worked pretty well.  We tried to get guys grouped by speed, yet still allow guys who wanted to race as many as 4 classes to do so.  We wanted to allow you to get on the road and at least part way home before dark which is the reason for combining classes on Sunday.

There were 206 entries this year and the 2 day format allowed us to pay all the bills.

We’ve reserved September 19 & 20, 2015 to meet again for the M.I.S. Fall Classic.

I’ll send you an occasional email and post our progress on this forum to let you know how preparations are moving along.  If you have any nifty ideas for the next event, we’d like to hear them.  And, as usual, we can always use helpers to support the activity.  We were a bit short in a couple of places this year.

Thanks again

Bill Anderson